Immunological Detection of Nitrogenase

  • G. Sarath
  • F. W. Wagner
Part of the Modern Methods of Plant Analysis book series (MOLMETHPLANT, volume 9)


Biological nitrogen fixation involves the catalytic reduction of atmospheric nitrogen to ammonia by the enzyme complex nitrogenase, which is normally detected by monitoring the reduction of the synthetic substrate acetylene (Hardy et al. 1968). Nitrogenase proteins are exceedingly oxygen-labile, and in vivo are protected from free oxygen by several mechanisms (Gallon 1981). Consequently, strict anaerobic conditions are required to assay nitrogenase in extracts. Other means of detecting nitrogenase are required when experimental treatments result in the destruction or modification of enzyme activity without affecting its synthesis or turnover. Immunochemical methods allow the estimation of nitrogenase proteins under ambient oxygen concentrations, and are frequently used.


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