Campylobacter pylori in Children

  • S. Cadranel
  • Y. Glupczinsky
  • M. Labbe
  • C. de Prez


Chronic abdominal pain, a very common complaint in children, includes a wide variety of etiologies, such as constipation, food allergy, and the so-called psychosomatic diseases, which have been thoroughly studied in the classic work by Appley [1]. However most children complain of pain located in the periumbilical region. During the past decade, with the advent of small, flexible, fiberoptic endoscopes, upper gastrointestinal (GI) investigation has become available and is now widely used in children complaining from epigastric pain, resulting in a more frequent recognition of peptic ulcer disease and gastritis in children [2].


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  • S. Cadranel
  • Y. Glupczinsky
  • M. Labbe
  • C. de Prez

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