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It is obvious that vulvovaginal candidosis which causes pain or discomfort requires treatment. Yet whether treatment is also required for an asymptomatic vaginal yeast colonization by Candida albicans in a healthy individual is a matter of controversy. Therapy is always recommended during pregnancy to protect the fetus from neonatal mycosis. Since the physiological human vaginal flora does not include facultative pathogenic yeasts which may in cases of immune deficiency result in infection of the patient or her partner with candidosis, it is often recommended that the fungi be treated wherever they are found, because only this rigorous management may restrict the relatively widespread manifestation of yeasts. Other authors suggest the more pragmatic approach of only treating when there are clinical signs of infection. Considering the fact that the principal reservoir of yeast in man is the digestive tract, which is also a source of vaginal colonizing, the most important measure into achieve a reduction in human pathogenic fungi is to effect a radical change in the widespread hypercaloric carbohydrate take of people in the industrial countries. This kind of diet has led to an almost 70-fold increase in sugar consumption during the last 20 years (Rieth, Medical Tribune No.44, 31.10. 1986).


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