Pz-Radical Electron Structure in Polydiacetylene (PDA) Molecules

  • H. Sixl
  • C. KoUmar
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 76)


By ESR spectroscopy it is shown that the transient absorption and the delayed luminescence observed in PDA single crystals is due to a metastable triplet state of the individual conjugated chains. This triplet state is described by a configuration model in analogy to the ground-state carbene reaction intermediates of the solid-state polymerization reaction. ESR fine structure and hyperfine structure data are consistent with a transfer integral of t = − 1.1 eV and an energy difference of 2ɛ = 0.4 eV between buta-triene and acetylene structure per unit cell.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • H. Sixl
    • 2
  • C. KoUmar
    • 1
  1. 1.3. Physikalisches Institut der Universität StuttgartStuttgart 80Fed.Rep.of Germany
  2. 2.Hoechst AGAngewandte PhysikFrankfurt am Main 80West Germany

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