The Cubic Phases of Liquid-Containing Systems: Physical Structure and Biological Implications

  • V. Luzzati
  • P. Mariani
  • T. Gulik-Krzywicki
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 21)


The first observation of a cubic phase in lipid-water systems was reported in the early days of lipid polymorphism [1], at a time when the very existence of non-lamellar phases still met widespread skepticism. That cubic phase (Q230, see below) was the object of controversial reports: its structure was firmly established in 1967 [2,3]. Several other cubic phases were discovered since. In 1972, TARDIEU [4] listed five different phases of that class: more recently some of those phases, and others as well, have been observed in a variety of systems (see [5] and below).


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  • P. Mariani
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  • T. Gulik-Krzywicki
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