Anarthrias with or Without Buccofacial Apraxias: Lesions’ Topography

  • Y. D. de Smet
Part of the Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurologie book series (VDGNEUROLOGIE, volume 4)


Anarthria is the specific feature for Broca’s aphasia. Alajouanine et al. have suggested that it is the result of a triple motor dysfunc-tion: paretic, dystonic and dyspraxic. Motor aphasia is seen with in-farction of the Broca’s area. Such a lesion often extends to the pre-central gyrus. Pure anarthria occures with an infarct limited to this circonvolution and clinically then seems reduced to a nearly pure dystonic form. On the other hand, Luria have described the afferent apraxic motor aphasia, which is the result of infarction of the postcentral gyrus.

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