Molecular Statistical Theory of the Smectic Phases

  • Ger Vertogen
  • Wim H. de Jeu
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 45)


The topic of this chapter is the molecular theory of the smectic A and the smectic C phases. First we discuss the smectic A phase and the smectic A-nematic transition in terms of two models. The first model is very simple and describes a perfectly oriented smectic A phase. The second model deals with the effect of deviations from perfect orientational order, which can change the smectic A-nematic phase transition from second order to first order. Next we discuss the smectic C phase in terms of a model that ascribes the origin of the smectic C phase to the influence of the dipole-induced dipole interaction and we show that the smectic C-smectic A transition is a second-order transition. Finally we will deal with to the chiral smectic C phase.


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