A Computer Monitored Stereotactic CO2 Laser System for Removal of CNS Intra-Axial Tumors: Technical Details and Clinical Results

  • P. J. Kelly
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Significant neurosurgical advances have been credited to new instrumentation such as the operating microscope, improved neuro-anesthesia, and the evolution of technical skill. Nevertheless, these advances have been of most benefit to patients with extra-axial lesions, meningiomas, acoustic neurinomas, aneurysms, and vascular lesions located on the surface or at the base of the brain. In fact, little progress has been made in the surgical resection of intracranial intra-axial neoplasms in over 50 years. Unless the lesion is situated in frontal, temporal, or occipital poles and treated by lobectomy, resections by internal decompression procedures of tumors located deep in the hemispheres, are usually insignificant cytokinetically. In addition, many surgeons consider tumors of the thalamus and basal ganglia inoperable.


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