Targeted Radionuclides

  • Steven A. Leibel
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Radiolabeled antibodies with specificity against tumor-associated antigens offer an exciting opportunity in oncology. Targeted radionuclides may have application in the diagnosis, staging, and treatment of malignancy as well as in the follow-up of previously treated patients. This review will focus on the use of radiolabeled antibodies to deliver radiation therapy. The historical observations leading to the current interest in targeted radionuclides will be summarized. Tumor antigens which serve as the target for radiolabeled antibodies and pertinent aspects of antibody preparation will be reviewed. The rationale for radioimmunotherapy is based on the ability of radioimmunoglobulin to selectively target to tumor both in patients and in experimental animals. From this research clinical trials have emerged, and the results of these preliminary studies will be presented.


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