Decision Support Systems — A Case Study in the Use of DBMS Technology in Energy Management

  • Norman Revell
Conference paper
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With the ever increasing costs of energy worldwide, the importance of conservation has come to the fore. Many organizations have recognized this fact and have appointed executives at corporate level whose sole responsibility is energy management.

In terms of information management their job is complex - they are faced with a multi-faceted problem domain, some of the more important ones being:
  • Many different buildings with different operating characteristics.

  • Different fuels and equipment at those premises.

  • A wide choice and variation of tariffs from the energy supply utilities.

  • Variations in meteorological data both seasonal and geographic.

The energy manager is concerned primarily with decision making in three areas:
  • The day to day monitoring of energy consumption against projected targets.

  • Tariff optimization at both the building and corporate level.

  • Investment in new plant and energy conservation measures.

This paper describes a computer-based decision support system that has been developed in order to meet the needs of the energy manager for both operational and strategic data on which to base his decisions. The conclusions drawn from the case are presented in the form of a review of the role of data base technology in the decision support area.


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