Meteor contribution by short-period comets

  • J. Štohl
Conference paper


The contribution of P/Halley and other comets to the meteor streams are discussed. Particular attention is given to the meteoric production by P/Encke as the potential major contributor to the meteoric complex in the inner part of the solar system. The density and total mass of the meteoric stream associated with P/Encke is derived, taking into account the whole complex both of the showers and of the very broad and diffuse stream of seemingly sporadic meteoroids, produced by P/Encke in its long history via its showers.

Key words

P/Encke’s stream meteoric production by comets meteoric influx 


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  • J. Štohl
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  1. 1.Astronomical InstituteSlovak Academy of SciencesBratislavaCzechoslovakia

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