Dust environment of comet P/Halley: a review

  • Z. Sekanina
Conference paper


Recent major advances in the understanding of comet Halley’s dust environment are highlighted and a wide range of related problems reviewed. Addressed individually are selected spacecraft results, namely the dust composition, the detection of subfemtogram grains, and the particle-mass distribution; jets, the dust-emission pattern, and the existence of discrete sources on the nucleus surface; CN and C2 jets; large-scale phenomena, including an antitail, streamers, and a sunward spike; infrared observations, highlighted by recent detections of the 3.4 µm emission feature, first applications of array detectors, and rare far-infrared data; the chemical modification of low-temperature ices by UV and cosmic-ray irradiation processes, their laboratory simulations, and applications to the evolution of comets; the “interstellar-connection” models of comet origin; and the formation of a mantle made of refractory organic material on the nucleus surface.

Key words

comet Halley dust emission chemical composition jet evolution UV and cosmic-ray irradiation 


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