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The work hereafter to be described took its inception with the appointment of the first author as Senior Adviser to the World Health Organization Mental Health Project in Iran and therewith to the Iranian Ministry of Health in January, 1960. Commissioned to plan and promote mental health endeavors at all levels in Iran, he was soon concerned by the absence of basic information essential for planning. His prime, obvious task was to make an inventory of the facilities and resources actually available. A first step had been taken in 1954 by his distinguished predecessor G. Kraus [117], who surveyed the larger part of the Middle East for the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office (EMRO) of the World Health Organization, yet in spite of the thoroughness, conscientiousness and exceptional detail of Kraus’s report it covered only Tehran. G. C. Tooth [190] in 1958 and a visiting team of WHO medical teachers [203] a year later added some comments, but the picture remained, in every respect, cloudy. Though in sequel to Kraus’s report the Government had begun to request a Mental Health Adviser as early as 1954, there had been difficulties in filling the position, documents and their recommendations drifted into obsolescence and were only rescued by the creation in 1959/1337, at the insistence of the then Minister of Health, of a Mental Health Unit within that ministry


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