Indicators of Psychopathology

  • K. W. Bash
  • J. Bash-Liechti
Part of the Psychiatry Series book series (PSYCHIATRIE, volume 43)


A variety of short indicators of pathology having been applied, it becomes imperative to inquire into the validity of each, into the contribution of each to the sum of pathology discovered and into the validity and general usefulness of the indicator system as a whole. We assume as the basis of validation our clinical identifications and diagnoses, well aware that they are not infallible but conscious also that we have no better. Too often it seems to be forgotten that the ultimate validation of all psychological tests, questionnaires, rating scales etc. is in practice, which for the psychiatrist means policlinical or clinical practice. The possibilities of both sampling and diagnostic errors are evident and have been discussed in the introductory chapters. They shall not be argued further in this section.


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