Skin Grafting with Fibrin Sealant in Burns

  • R. Hettich
Conference paper


The author presents 6 typical cases of plastic surgery to demonstrate the management of minor and major burns with fibrin sealant. Using the Duploject Application System, extensive mesh grafts as well Chinese mixed grafts are successfully anchored in the recipient beds. The same technique is applied to treat large donor areas of split thickness skin grafts; one of these was additionally covered with transparent polyurethane foil.

In minor burns just the fibrinogen component of the sealant is applied to the graft and thinly spread with a finger, while the thrombin solution is applied to the recipient bed. Activation of the fibrin sealant is brought about when the graft is applied to the recipient area. In this way, excessively thick fibrin layers and their negative effects on wound healing are avoided.

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Burns fibrin sealant split skin grafts mesh grafts mixed skin grafts 


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