Diagenetic Diversity in Paleocene Coral Knobs from the Bir Abu El-Husein Area, S Egypt

  • J. H. Schroeder


During stratigraphic fieldwork in S. Egypt, coral knobs within a specific carbonate bed were found to have undergone a complex diagenesis. In a preliminary report (Schroeder 1984) they served as a demonstration of the multigeneration diagenetic history and its spatial variation, which were illustrated in a petrogenetogram. The purpose of this paper is to delineate more thoroughly the diagenesis of these corals, to describe and illustrate various diagenetic products, to show their sequences and their spatial distributions, and to discuss respective diagenetic environments and factors that determine variations. This is of interest to the carbonate sedimentologist/petrologist, and, in addition, contributes to the knowledge of the post-depositional history of underlying and overlying terrigenous rocks: Although they provide some diagenetic information of general importance (used below), they do not seem to yield much for a detailed analysis.


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