Assessment of PSA Methods and Procedures: a Wide Scoping European Research Programme

  • A. Amendola
Conference paper


The paper describes a Research Project which involves major organizations dealing with nuclear power reactor development and operation in Europe, for evaluating methods and uncertainties linked with probabilistic safety assessment techniques and eventually achieving a consensus on procedures to be adopted. The programme, sponsored and co-ordinated by JRC, is being performed through a set of Benchmark Exercises on several PSA topics. Presently, an exercise on the so-called Common Cause Failures is at a rather advanced status of completion, whereas a first exercise on systems reliability has been already completed. The experience up to now gained with the project will be discussed even with respect to its possible extension to other technical fields (e.g. industrial installations).


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  1. 1.Joint Research Centre — Ispra Establishment SER DivisionCommission of the European CommunitiesIspra (Va)Italy

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