SIMS Imaging of Silicon Defects

  • R. S. Hockett
  • D. A. Reed
  • D. H. Wayne
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 44)


The ability to simultaneously measure quantitative SIMS profiles and ion microscope images has been recently achieved [1]. This ability, coupled with digital image storage and processing,provides a powerful tool for silicon defect characterization. Examples presented here include oxygen precipitation and the coaggregation of O and C in thermally processed, carbon-doped silicon.


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  • R. S. Hockett
    • 1
  • D. A. Reed
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  • D. H. Wayne
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  1. 1.Monsanto Electronic Materials CompanySt. LouisUSA
  2. 2.Charles Evans & AssociatesSan MateoUSA

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