Ion Probe Determination of the Abundances of all the Rare Earth Elements in Single Mineral Grains

  • E. Zinner
  • G. Crozaz
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 44)


Although the measurement of rare earth element (REE) abundances in mg aliquots of geo­logical samples has contributed much to the understanding of petrogenetic processes, probe techniques, which would allow the measurement of compositional variations between grains and within grains (crystal zoning), have so far been of limited usefulness for REE determi­nations. The electron microprobe detection limit for these elements is ~ 500 ppm and the concentrations of only a few REE can be determined, usually with large uncertainties.


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  • G. Crozaz
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  1. 1.McDonnell Center for the Space SciencesWashington UniversitySt. LouisUSA
  2. 2.Physics DepartmentWashington UniversitySt. LouisUSA
  3. 3.Earth and Planetary Sciences DepartmentWashington UniversitySt. LouisUSA

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