Structure and Energetics in Reaction Centers and Semi-synthetic Chlorophyll Protein Complexes

  • S. G. Boxer
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Series in Chemical Physics book series (CHEMICAL, volume 42)


The initial photochemistry of photosynthesis involves a highly efficient electron-transfer reaction that generates an anion-cation radical pair. This primary charge-separation is followed by a cascade of electron-transfer steps in which the electron and hole become increasingly spatially separated and stabilized with respect to recombination, allowing the formation of stable chemical products. At each step, the rate of the forward electron transfer reaction exceeds the rate of the charge-recombination reaction by several orders of magnitude. In this paper I discuss results related to two aspects of the initial events in photosynthesis: the relationship between the energetics and kinetics of charge- separation and recombination in bacterial photosynthesis, and the distance and orientation dependence of excitation energy-transfer in semi-synthetic chlorophyll-protein complexes.


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