In this paper, the thermal losses for the main piping and tanks in the CRS-system are presented. The main objective is to provide the necessary data for calculating the overall losses in the system at normal operation conditions. The calculations are based mainly on data from the CRS-DAS (Data Acquisition.System) collected during the period May to September 1984, after the calibration phase which was finished in the end of April.

The losses in the main piping of the CRS-system have been calculated under different operational conditions. These losses vary from 0.7 to 1.2 W/m * K between different pipes. The large number of supports, hangers, and shock absorbers has a large influence on the loss figures.

The losses of the two storage tanks have been investigated by observing the cooling-down behavior. The evaluated heat transfer value is 65 W/K for the cold storage and 45 W/K for the hot storage.


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