A Small Spaceborne Lidar for Atmospheric Backscatter Measurements

  • M. Endemann
Conference paper


Two years ago at the Laser’83- conference, the conceptual design of a spaceborne lidar for measurements from future operational earth-observation satellites was presented /1/. Here we report on the progress of this development into an instrument called Small Spaceborne Lidar for Atmospheric Backscatter- measurements (S2LAB). This instrument is designed to be part of some sensor package of future operational weather-observation satellites in an 800-km orbit. Fig.1 shows an artistņs view of such an instrument on board of some advanced remote-sensing satellite.


Radar Lidar Coupler Dial Alexan 


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  • M. Endemann
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  1. 1.Battelle-Institut e.V.Frankfurt a.M./DGermany

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