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Part of the Modern Methods of Plant Analysis book series (MOLMETHPLANT, volume 1)


The mature-plant-cell vacuole is an organelle that is unique to plants, and one which plays critical roles in tissue support and movements, metabolite storage and sequestration, lytic processes, cyclosis, and organelle distribution. Efforts to elucidate the mechanisms involved in these processes have benefited greatly from the recent development of methods - an international effort - for isolating and purifying intact vacuoles and tonoplast from mature plant tissues. Several reviews which discuss these methods and their applications have appeared in the last few years (Leigh et al. 1979 a; Marty et al. 1980; Wagner 1981 b; Alibert and Boudet 1982; Boiler 1982; Komor et al. 1982 a; Matile 1982; D’Auzac et al. 1982; Marin et al. 1982; Wagner 1983; Ryan and Walker-Simmons 1983; Leigh 1983; Boudet et al. 1985). In some of these, particularly (Wagner 1981 b; Alibert and Boudet 1982; Wagner 1983; Leigh 1983), the problems and promise of various isolation methods were discussed.


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