Improvement of Productivity in Finnish Metal Industry in Cooperation with Employers’ and Employees’ Organizations

  • Aarre Falck
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This is a review of cooperation among employers’ and employees’ organizations aimed at improving the productivity of the Finnish metal industry. These activities started in the autumn of 1977, when a joint committee was set up to consider what practical measures could be taken in workplaces to improve productivity. The report by the committee was completed in the summer of 1979. On the basis of the recommendation made in this report, the organizations together began preparing the material for a productivity seminar designed for companies. Once this material had been completed, the training of tutors began in October, 1980. So far (March 1985) 50 preparatory courses have been held and 1600 tutors have been trained. Actual work aimed at improving productivity has been started in more than 90 workplaces and remarkable results have been achieved.


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