Man — Machine System Analysis of Welding

  • H. S. Shan
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For better performance in welding, studies have hitherto been directed towards improvement of welding equipment and welding process. This has resulted in increasing applications of semiautomatic welding processes like TIG which employ relatively sophisticated equipment. The use of these processes and specialization of work force has, however, caused greater psycho-physical demands on welder. Recent studies have shown that further increase in welding productivity in these processes can be achieved by designing work stations and welding equipment taking into consideration the physical capabilities of welder and by creating conditions in which the welder is able to carry out the process with minimum physical loads, and consequently high efficiency is constantly maintained throughout the working shift. In order to determine the optimum conditions for high productivity from welder-semi automatic welding equipment composite system, this paper analyzes the interaction between welder and the welding equipment at the work place. It is found that the movements determining the weld quality are not identical in nature; some demand high accuracy, uniformity, and rhythmic action with small variable loads on the individual group of muscles while others require static loads of small magnitude but acting for relatively longer periods. To ensure the required accuracy and smooth principal working movements of the welder it has been suggested that the muscles of the hand and forearm which perform these movements must be released as far as possible from the static loads connected with holding the torch.


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