The Measurement and Assessment of some Critical Skills of Mariners on CGI Shiphandling Simulators. Can the Mathematical Models meet the Demand?

  • P. M. P. Muirhead


The advent of the CGI shiphandling simulator has led to the development of extensive training programmes for Mariners in many aspects of seamanship and navigation. As a -further development, this paper looks at the way in which the technology may be used to supplement existing methods of assessment of certain practical skills, and asks if the tests on which most models are validated, are sufficiently broad in scope to meet such a demand. The author has drawn upon some experiences gained from current programmes being researched at UWIST,Cardiff, and SUSAN, Hamburg.


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  • P. M. P. Muirhead
    • 1
  1. 1.The Australian Maritime CollegeLauncestonAustralia

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