Theoretical and Technical Aspects of the Design of Ultrasonic Hyperthermia Equipment

  • E. G. Lierke
Conference paper
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 101)


Parallel to research and development work in other countries (Lele 1983; Hynynen et al. 1982), in 1980 the German Ministry for Research and Technology (BMFT) initiated a research and development on study local hyperthermia with ultrasonics of superficial and deep-located tumors. The two main objectives of the first phase of the study were:
  1. 1.

    Identification and evaluation of the primary physiological and technical parameters essential for optimizing ultrasonic equipment and treatment procedures, including therapeutic risks

  2. 2.

    Construction and assessment of an optimized ultrasonic facility (engineering model) for later clinical application



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  • E. G. Lierke
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  1. 1.Abteilung für Physikalische Technik und BauelementeBattelle-InstitutFrankfurt/MainGermany

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