On Tollmien-Schlichting Wave Generation by Sound

  • A. I. Ruban
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It is well known that acoustic disturbances incident upon the boundary layer may cause Tollmien-Schlichting waves. An intense generation of these waves is observed in local inhomogeneities of the flow [1]. To investigate this phenomenon we shall consider a two-dimensional gas flow about a flat plate directed along a free-stream flow (fig.1). The free-stream velocity U is taken to be subsonic with M < 1. Introduce cartesian coordinates x′, y′ aligning their origin with the plate leading edge and orienting x′ along the plate surface. Denote velocity vector components in this coordinate system by u′ and v′, density by p′, and viscosity coefficient by μ′ . Let the gas under consideration have an adiabatic constant r and its thermodynamic state be described by the Clapeyron equation.


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