Development and Practical Use of a Computerized Anaesthesia Protocol

  • L. Weller
  • H. J. Hartung
  • P. M. Osswald
  • H. J. Bender
  • H. Lutz


The making of an anaesthesia record is to be seen as an absolute requirement, and there is a large amount of data and findings to be recorded. Information on the preoperative condition and the case history is essential for decisions on the intra-and postoperative course of the anaesthesia, and contributes decisively to the risk interpretation. Individually, this is personal data on the patient, especially details of serious previous and current illnesses, prescribed premedication, anaesthetic procedure, operation to be performed and names of anaesthetists and surgeons. The intraoperative data recording must take into account a variety of off- and online parameters, medicaments applied during the anaesthesia and all vital parameters of respiration and circulation; complications and any other special features are to be recorded and documented in a timely manner. Furthermore, fluid and volume balances must be made over the period of the anaesthesia, and venous and arterial approaches must be observed.


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  • L. Weller
  • H. J. Hartung
  • P. M. Osswald
  • H. J. Bender
  • H. Lutz

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