Relationship of Steroid Hormone Receptors to the Cloning of Fresh Breast Cancer Tissues

  • G. A. Losa
  • G. J. M. Maestroni
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 94)


Among the various laboratory chemosensitivity tests, clonogenic tumor cell survival in soft or semisolid media has recently been evaluated as one of the most promising assays for individualizing cancer chemotherapy. Several tumors form colonies in semisolid media (Hamburger and Salmon 1977; Von Hoff et al. 1980; Hamburger et al. 1978), but growing cultures are not always suitable for clinical or biological investigations, the plating efficiency (PE) being one of the main limiting factors. The proportion of cells which form colonies is usually below 1%, and it is not yet clear whether low PE reflects inadequate culture conditions or a low stem cell concentration in human tumors.


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  • G. J. M. Maestroni
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