Anharmonic Properties Near Structural Phase Transitions: An Update

  • K. A. Müller
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 47)


Upon preparing these two lectures, I reread the manuscript on the two subjects I presented at the NATO Spring School in Norway in 1981 [1] (sometimes referred to as I hereafter). Having done this, I concluded that the context in which they were given and the presentation made were not only “still” really valid, but that possibly I could not even do better now. However, in the two intervening years which have elapsed since that NATO School, a number of new results have been published which have helped to round off the picture given then. Therefore, I decided to write an update, that is, to briefly comment on the status as it was in 1981 on a particular subject, and then to summarize what is new since then, or was forgotten at that time. If no new results have become available either theoretically or experimentally, I shall not refer to those subjects here. In so doing, I hope to keep the length of my update to that prescribed by the organizers of the Workshop.


Central Peak Structural Phase Transition Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Soft Mode Ferroelectric Phase Transition 
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