Experience from Randomized Controlled Breast Screening with Mammography in Östergötland County, Sweden: A Preliminary Report

  • G. Fagerberg
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 90)


A randomized controlled study on breast cancer screening with mammography was started in Östergötland county, Sweden, in 1978. The basic question asked in this trial is: Can screening for breast carcinoma with single-view mammography as the only screening modality reduce mortality in the disease? A total of 93,000 females aged 40 years and older living in Östergötland county have been selected to the study. Randomization was carried out on the basis of municipalities and parishes. The control group includes 46,000 women and the study group offered examination with single-view mammography comprises 47,000 subjects. These females will be invited to two examinations with an interval of 2–3 years. The second screening is now underway and will be finished in 1983. The preliminary results are reported.

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  • G. Fagerberg
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  1. 1.Institution for Diagnostic Radiology, Mammographic SectionUniversity of Linköping, RegionsjukhusetLinköpingSweden

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