Intravesical Chemotherapy of Superficial Bladder Cancer

  • B. L. Lum
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 85)


Bladder cancer accounts for 4.4% of the new cases of cancer diagnosed each year in the United States. It was estimated in 1982 that 37,100 new cases of bladder cancer would be seen, with 27,000 cases appearing in males and 10,100 in females [4]. This sex-related dominance is probably a reflection of the preponderance of industrial exposure to chemical carcinogens and cigarette smoking in the male population [21, 22, 25, 85, 92, 106, 169]. These statistics do not include carcinoma in situ. It was also estimated in 1982 that 10,600 deaths would result from bladder cancer [4]. This is a 6% increase in the incidence of bladder cancer and a 3% increase in bladder cancer deaths from 1980 estimates [5]. Histologically, these tumors arise from the bladder epithelium, with transitional cell carcinoma accounting for approximately 90% of the cases, squamous cell carcinomas for 8%, and adenocarcinomas for the remaining 2% [129]. Of these newly diagnosed cases, 75%–85% of patients initially present with superficial (localized) tumors [5]; that is, tumors which would fall into the Jewett-Strong-Marshall classification of stage 0 or A tumors and would be classified at pathologic stage Pa, PIS, or PI in the TNM system [76, 99, 141, 172] (Table 1). These tumors either show no evidence of invasion (0) or invasion of the lamina propria but not the superficial muscle (A).


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