Introduction: The Multidisciplinary Approach to the Treatment of Urologic Malignancy

  • F. M. Torti
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 85)


Progress in the treatment of patients with cancers of the uroepithelium has been the result of both technologic and conceptual advances. Computerized tomographic scans, intensive post-operative management, radiation implants, and other technologic advances have been combined with a better understanding of phenomena such as downstaging in bladder cancer and the biologic variability of prostate cancer. This progress has been nourished by the longstanding multidisciplinary effort of surgeons and radiation therapists. This interaction has led to a better definition of the uses and limitations of each discipline in cancer of the testis, prostate, penis, bladder, and kidney. Recent advances in chemotherapy have lead to the integration of the medical oncologist into this multidisciplinary effort.

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  • F. M. Torti
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