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The 14 chapters of this book bear witness to the great advances that have been made in mining subsidence engineering since the turn of the century and even since the Second World War. Leaving aside extremes of working and strata conditions such as are to be found in steep-lying strata, in the area of geological faults, and where there is a high concentration of working in one place, it is possible today, with the known calculation methods, to predict ground movements with an operationally adequate precision of ±10% in flat-lying, and ±20% in steep-lying strata. These fruits of research are of value not only to mining but also to those areas of activity which stand in close technical association with it. Mention may be made here of construction engineering, communications, town and country planning, land ownership, and the administration of justice. In the common endeavour to uphold the safety of communications and the possibilities for working and living in localities exposed to the risk of mining damage, neither the mining industry nor associated agencies can afford not to pursue a constant improvement of techniques developed in the past. The work of research will never reach a definitive conclusion, because new factors are constantly being introduced into the calculations and considerations by developments in mining and construction techniques, such as concentration today on the best working areas economically, and the use of pre-stressed concrete or pre-fabricated construction elements in civil engineering — to mention only one or two innovations — but also by changes in legal and economic views.


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