Is Psychosomatic Obstetrics Possible Without Reflecting One’s Own Professional Picture and Ego?

  • P. Müller
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Due to the new psychosomatic obstetrics, i.e. “Leboyer Birth”, “Rooming In”, “Breast-fee ding”, etc. different types of doctor and nurse are necessary. The “teaching” rather than “caring” depends of course very much on the personality and needs of the individual (Beckmann 1973; Richter 1969; Schmidbauer 1980). Based on this knowledge experiments were made with nurses to get some background on thier professional and identity problems (Thomae 1980) through (a) sociological data, i.e. family status, number of children etc., which possibly represent “relation modality”; and (b) structures of specific characteristics.


Family Status Social Potency Sociological Data Resident Nurse Involuntary Childlessness 
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