Tenderness Towards the Newborn After Early Post Partum Contact

  • K. Grossmann
  • K. Thane
  • K. E. Grossmann
Conference paper


This study examines the effect of early and/or extended mother-infant contact in the 1st h post partum on 54 German middle-class mothers with respect to their skin-touching behavior with their newborns. The control group of 12 mothers had neither early nor extended contact, a second group (n = 12) had early contact starting within the 1st h after birth, a third group (n = 17) had only extended contact, i.e. 5–6 h of room?ing-in each day, and a fourth group (n = 13) had early and extended contact with their infants. All mothers stayed in the hospital for 8–10 days, as is usual in Germany.




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  • K. Grossmann
  • K. Thane
  • K. E. Grossmann

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