Tenderness Towards the Newborn After Early Post Partum Contact

  • K. Grossmann
  • K. Thane
  • K. E. Grossmann
Conference paper


This study examines the effect of early and/or extended mother-infant contact in the 1st h post partum on 54 German middle-class mothers with respect to their skin-touching behavior with their newborns. The control group of 12 mothers had neither early nor extended contact, a second group (n = 12) had early contact starting within the 1st h after birth, a third group (n = 17) had only extended contact, i.e. 5–6 h of room?ing-in each day, and a fourth group (n = 13) had early and extended contact with their infants. All mothers stayed in the hospital for 8–10 days, as is usual in Germany.


Post Partum Skin Contact Maternity Ward Extended Contact Maternal Attachment 
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  • K. Grossmann
  • K. Thane
  • K. E. Grossmann

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