Psychoprophylactic Pregnancy. Self-Experience Groups: A Total Concept in Prenatal Care

  • U. Dibelius-Hauffe
  • C. Kösters
Conference paper


Since 1978 prenatal courses have been held for more than 300 pregnant women and their partners, who met once a week for 2–3 h in the last 5 months before delivery. In the beginning these prenatal groups were formed by pregnant women dissatisfied with ordinary prenatal groups. Our groups emphasize more than just the routine medical questions regarding pregnancy, birth, childcare etc. and attempt to deal with the psychology of pregnancy:

Personal experience

Psychological changes during pregnancy in the women, her partner, and their relationship to each other

Moral support in dealing with any complications arising form the pregnancy

Sexual counseling during pregnancy

Fear of delivery

Reasons for wanting a baby

Isolation from former circle of friends

Getting to know others in the groups and development of group perspective after delivery (children groups for example)

Educational problems.

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  • C. Kösters

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