The Changing Situation of Women During the Past 10 Years and Its Consequences for Gynecology

  • V. Frick-Bruder
Conference paper


When I decided to examine the question of the character of the change of women’s situation in the FRG during the last 10 years, I became gradually aware of the difficulties of this task. My own involvement, the wish to do justice to both sexes, and the still unfinished state of the emancipatory process don’t make it an easy task to formulate a statement even of only superfical adequacy. Nevertheless I shall try to show changes of the 1970s in the most important fields of the 1970s in the most important fields of female identity such as sexuality and partnership, motherhood and occupation; when doing this I also want to point out to the consequences for gynaecology.


Sexual Problem Female Identity Sexual Excitation Sexual Liberality Psychosomatic Obstetric 
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