High Resolution Numerical Simulations of the Tornadic Region Within a Mature Thunderstorm

  • J. B. Klemp
  • R. Rotunno
Part of the Topics in Atmospheric and Oceanographic Sciences book series (TATM)


Recent multiple Doppler radar observations of supercell thunderstorms have documented that a particular dynamic structure consistently develops when a storm enters its tornadic phase. This structure is characterized by a downdraft outflow which wraps around the center of storm circulation at low levels and an associated distortion from a single cell to a two-cell up-draft structure (Brandes, 1978; Lemon and Doswell, 1979). In this study we investigate the evolution of a storm’s tornadic phase through high resolution numerical simulations initiated within the central portion of a 3D cloud model mature thunderstorm.


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  • J. B. Klemp
  • R. Rotunno

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