Pathology of Hirschsprung’s Disease and Ischaemic Colitis

  • B. Wiebecke
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Megacolon is a typical phenomenon in Hirschsprung’s disease and, as is well known, it is the consequence of aganglionosis in the narrow distal segment. This aganglionosis results from a failure of immigration into the bowel wall of neuroblasts from the vagal neural crest (Yntema and Hammond 1954), which normally progress from the caecum to the distal colon between the 8th and 12th weeks of embryonic life. Impaired embryo-genesis during this period therefore results in aganglionosis and absence of the intramural and submucous plexus of different extent according to the onset of the impairment, the supra-anal rectum nearly always being involved.


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