Hypertensive Rat Models of Atherosclerosis

  • Y. Yamori
  • R. Horie
  • Y. Nara
  • M. Kihara
  • H. Wang
  • K. Ikeda
Conference paper


The development of hypertensive rat models for atherogenesis and myocardial lesions by a selective inbreeding from spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) (1) has added new experimental approach to the pathogenesis, regression and prevention of these very common cardiovascular diseases in man. In this paper the development of various rat models for cardiovascular diseases is reviewed with a special reference to basic vascular lesions noted in hypertension, and then our models for atherogenesis and thrombogenesis, and also a new model for myocardial infarction which is caused by the combination of both thrombosis and atherosclerosis are reported together with our recent findings on the regression of atherosclerosis.


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  • Y. Yamori
  • R. Horie
  • Y. Nara
  • M. Kihara
  • H. Wang
  • K. Ikeda

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