Function of Hepatic Endothelial Lipase in Lipoprotein Metabolism

  • T. Kuusi
  • E. A. Nikkilä
  • M. J. Tikkanen
  • M.-R. Taskinen
  • C. Ehnholm
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Two lipolytic enzymes are released into the circulation by intravenous administration of heparin, lipoprotein lipase (LPL) from adipose and muscle tissue, and hepatic endothelial lipase (HEL) from vascular endothelium of the liver (1). The function of LPL in the degradation of triglyceride-rich lipoproteins is well documented whereas the role of HEL in the lipoprotein metabolism is less certain. The present paper summarizes the data which indicate that HEL is the main phospholipase in postheparin plasma having a physiological function in the degradation of HDL2 phospholipids and probably in the conversion of HDL2 to HDL3-like particles.


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  • T. Kuusi
  • E. A. Nikkilä
  • M. J. Tikkanen
  • M.-R. Taskinen
  • C. Ehnholm

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