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Physiology and Pharmacology of Human Lactation

  • Edward W. Flückiger
  • Emilio del Pozo
  • Klaus von Werder
Part of the Monographs on Endocrinology book series (ENDOCRINOLOGY, volume 23)


Conditioning of breast tissue for milk production has as a background a complicated hormonal interplay synchronized with the progress of pregnancy and gradual takeover by the placenta. The biologic effect of the endocrine changes is the development of functionally differentiated secretory cells able to synthesize the constituents of milk. Changes in hormonal secretion, mechanical factors, and neurogenic reflexes will then facilitate the excretion of the formed product in order to cover the caloric demands of the newborn during the early stage of extrauterine life. Throughout this chapter it will become obvious that, although considerable progress has been made in the understanding of lactational mechanisms, marked species differences will curtail the extrapolation to man of data recorded in other mammals. Moreover, socioeconomic background, traditional habits, and geographical factors should also be considered when dealing with human lactation as will be shown further down.


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