Methyl-CCNU and Ftorafur in Treatment of Rectosigmoidal Tumors and Ftorafur Capsules in Treatment of Colorectal Tumors

  • Z. Mechl
  • A. Malíř
Part of the Recent Results in Cancer Research book series (RECENTCANCER, volume 79)


Rectosigmoidal (RS) carcinoma in Czechoslovakia ranks among the important tumoral diseases due to its incidence and course. In 1975, a total of 1,949 new cases of malignant RS tumors were diagnosed; of these, 1,103 were in males, representing 6% of all male malignant tumors (incidence per 100,000 = 22.6). In females, 864 new cases were diagnosed, representing 5.1% of all female tumors (incidence per 100,000 = 16.3).


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  • Z. Mechl
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  • A. Malíř
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  1. 1.Clinical and Experimental OncologyCancer Research InstituteBrnoCzechoslovakia

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