Treatment of Cushing’s Disease and Syndrome

  • Dorothy T. Krieger
Part of the Monographs on Endocrinology book series (ENDOCRINOLOGY, volume 22)


Cure can be achieved by adrenal extirpation. This is performed by a flank approach, since such tumors are almost always unilateral. Because of the associated atrophy of the contralateral adrenal, patients will require postoperative replacement therapy for a variable time period (3–18 months) until normal adrenocortical function is regained. Cortisol replacement therapy should be maintained at a sufficient dose to avoid symptoms of hypoadrenalism without being so excessive as to prevent recovery of the suppressed pituitary ACTH secretion, which is secondary to the prior hypercortisolism produced by the adenoma. There is no evidence that ACTH treatment to enhance adrenal responsiveness will hasten recovery of such suppressed function,· since recovery at the pituitary level takes a longer time than does that of adrenal responsiveness to ACTH, and the excess Cortisol secretion engendered by such ACTH administration might further delay pituitary recovery.


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