Semimagnetic Semiconductors in Magnetic Fields

  • T. Dietl
Part of the Springer Series in Solid-State Sciences book series (SSSOL, volume 24)


In this paper we will review recent work on II-VI compounds containing Mn: Hg1-X MnXTe, Hg1-XMnXSe, Cd{1-XMnXTe, Cd1-XMnXSe. From many points of view these materials, called semimagnetic semiconductors (SMSC), are very similar to the well-knlwn systems such as Hg1-XCd1-XTe and Cd1-XZnXTe. In particular, over a wide range of compositions they crystallize in zinc-blende (HgMnTe, HgMnSe, CdMnTe) or wurzite (CdMnSe) structure, they exhibit relatively low deviation from stoichiometry, low concentration of intrinsic defects, and they can be made either n-type or p-type by intentional doping or by appropriate anealing. At first sight, their band structure is the same as that of other II-VI compounds. In particular there is a wide conduction band of s-type symmetry (of p-type in the zero-gap case) and there is a wide p-like valence band. Briefly, they exhibit typical semiconducting properties and, consequently, we have access to their structure through the most powerful techniques that have been developed to study the canonical semiconductors. However, using these techniques, especially those which involve the presence of a magnetic field, we quickly realise that the properties of SMSC are not at all similar to those of other II–VI compounds.


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