The Mature Isocortex

  • Heiko Braak
Part of the Studies of Brain Function book series (BRAIN FUNCTION, volume 4)


The extension of the mature isocortex increases considerably the higher an animal is in the phylogenetic scale. In primitive forms a single structure, the lamina tecti, serves for the processing of visual, acoustic, and somatosensory information. The development of projection nuclei of the thalamus in line with that of the isocortex results in the differentiation of individual territories for each of these functions. Already in the primitive mammalian brain a visual, acoustic, and sensory-motor cortex can be distinguished (Diamond, 1967; Diamond and Hall, 1969; Casseday et al., 1976; Zilles et al., 1978).


Attenuation Lime Expense Peri Convolution 


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