Recognition of Promoter Sequences by RNA Polymerases from Different Sources

  • Ch. Leib
  • H. Ernst
  • G. R. Hartmann
Part of the Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Biophysics book series (MOLECULAR, volume 32)


Some time ago Fritz Lipmann and his group have observed that a combination in vitro of ribosomal subunits and soluble proteins isolated from taxonomically very different microorganisms yields a hybrid system active in protein synthesis (Felicetti and Lipmann 1968; Gordon et al. 1969; Krisko et al. 1969; Lucas-Lennard and Lipmann 1966; Takeda and Lipmann 1966). Two conclusions may be drawn from these experiments: (1) the components of the molecular apparatus for protein biosynthesis in different microorganisms correspond to each other rather closely in function; (2) equivalent proteins of this system from different microorganisms must be structurally very similar at least in those regions which are required for the functional interaction of the components of the hybrid system. Otherwise mutual substitution would be difficult to understand. Obviously, evolution and diversification of microorganisms have not affected too heavily the kinship among the components of the machinery of protein biosynthesis.


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  • G. R. Hartmann
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