Introduction: The Domains of Aerosol Physics

  • W. H. Marlow
Part of the Topics in Current Physics book series (TCPHY, volume 16)


Between matter-in-bulk and isolated molecules or atoms, there is virtually a continuum of material aggregations. If these aggregates exist in the gas phase, which they do when they are not immobilized upon or within bulk matter, then they constitute the particulate (either liquid or solid) component of the condition of matter generally referred to as an aerosol. Among researchers in basic and applied studies in both the sciences and the fields of engineering and technology, there is at best only mixed understanding of the generality of the aerosol condition of matter in natural and man-made systems. Generally speaking, there is no appreciation that as a consequence of this generality, common physical phenomena underlie many of their questions. Thus, the studies of aerosols or gas-borne particulate matter have remained fragmented gaining their identities from the numerous basic and applied disciplines in which they arise. The result of this fragmentation for both these aerosol-related studies and relevant fields is their development without regard for the accumulated wisdom and techniques of the other fields and the cost is both duplication of efforts and missed opportunities for progress.


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